Modes of Production, Distribution, and Exchange


potlatch masks



  Topic Activities
1 Review of subsistence methods and intro to Economic Anthropology
  • DO:  Can you remember the features of the different subsistence methods? Timed group game.
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: Do you think foragers and horticulturalists feel differently about their work than we feel about ours in the US?
  • SLIDES: AHD Chapter
  • AHD: 374-380
2 Distribution and exchange
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: What kinds of monthly costs do adults in the US have?
  • AHD: 380-382
  • DO:  find/make images of typical food items
  • DO: get into groups of 6 and choose a group team/mascot/animal/etc
3 Potlatch
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what are some of the times we give gifts and our rules attached to giving gifts?
  • SLIDES: Potlatch
  • VIDEO: Importance of Potlatch
  • VIDEO: Potlatch
  • AHD: 382-384
  • DO: Potlatch activity (from STA)
  • HW: write paragraph about what could be done to alleviate world hunger and food shortages. Try to think like and economic anthropologist.
4 Test Prep
  • Finish handout and check second part of this Outline
5 Test
  • Show me what you understand!
  • DO: relax! Play anthropology Pictionary.