Sex and Gender, as well as Family and Kinship and Marriage





  Topic Activities
1 Gender
  • VIDEO: totally unscientific sound effects
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  where do we get our ideas about gender roles?
  • VIDEO: reinforcement
  • SLIDES: k14e18
  • DO: Debate TS 13 Do Men Dominate Women in All Societies?
  • DO: plan and start gender mini ethnography
  • VIDEO: gender discrimination and questions
  • HW: Watch Disney video on gender roles and write a personal response about how Disney films have affected your ideas of gender
2 Gender cont.
3 Families
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  Would you rather live in US society or a tribal society?
  • VIDEO: From Jersey to Jungle
  • AHD: 446-454
  • DO: work on mini ethnography
4 Descent & Kinship Calculation
5 Kinship Terminology
 6 Taboo and Exogamy
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what are the benefits of marriage?
  • AHD: 468-473
 7 Endogamy, also same sex marriage
 8 Marriage as Alliance
  • AHD: 477-482
  • VIDEO: bride kidnapping
  • DO: response (thinking about cultural relativism) to video
 9 Divorce and plural Marriage
10 Test Prep
11 Test
  • Show me what you understand!
  • DO: relax! Antho Pictionary time!