Gene Tagaban



  Topic Activities
1 Intro to Human Diversity
  • VIDEO: Why do humans dance? And Miss World – what would be the American dance?
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what makes anthropology different from other fields that study human beings?
  • SLIDES: intro to anthro and k14e_1
  • PACKET: Chpt 1 reading guide
  • AHD: “Give me a hug” read and discuss 6-7
  • DO:compare and contrasts thanksgiving rituals
  • HW: read Mother Cow from Cows Pigs Wars Witches (honors) or this for CP


2 Continued and general anthropology
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what very very famous American had an anthropologist as a mother? (then read AHD:16-17)
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what are some ways that humans adapt to high mountain altitudes
  • AHD: 4-9
  • DO: in a group, summarize the key points (as bullets) from this intro to anthro tutorial
3 4 fields
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: what do you think the four main fields of anthropology are?
  • AHD: 9-13
  • DO: check out this anthro news site, choose 6 articles, and identify which anthro field they are
4 Anthro vs other fields
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  revisit first discussion
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what kind of jobs could a cultural anthropologist get after graduation?
  • VIDEO: jobs for cultural anthropologists
  • DO: read about companies that hire anthros
  • AHD: 13-15
  • HW: think of 5 companies and make a list of how each could use anthropologists to improve their specific business
5 Scientific method
6 Test Prep
7 Test