Political system continuum




  Topic Activities
1 Intro to Political Systems


2 Bands and Tribes
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  how is high school like a band or a tribe?
  • VIDEO: first 30 minutes of PNG doc
  • AHD: 392-398
  • HW: write a paragraph on some of the ethnocentric reactions you had to the video
  • AHD: 398-402
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  now that you have read about bands and tribes, now how do you think high school is like band or a tribe?
  • VIDEO: second half of PNG doc
4 Chiefdoms
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  what rituals do we have at the school?
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  How would you set up a political system for the school?
  • VIDEO: Canela and questions
  • AHD: 402-405
5 States
  • DO: create a children’s book/comic on one of the following state functions – Population Control, Judiciary, Enforcement, and Fiscal
  • AHD: 405-412
6 Test Prep
  • DO: present comic on state functions
  • VIDEO: review concepts and part 2
  • Finish handout and check out this Outline
7 Test