Anthropology of Religion




  Topic Activities
1 Intro to Religion
  • VIDEO: Christian Snakehandlers
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: Why do most societies have religion?
  • VIDEO: Vice video on cyber magic (long version)
  • VIDEO:
  • AHD: 492-499
  • AFD: 270-281 (as reference)
  • DO: Create your own religion that has animism, mana and taboo, magic/religion, anxiety/control/solace rituals, rites of passage, and totemism
  • HW: continue working on own religion


2 Purpose of religion
  • DO: Cows Pigs Wars Witches reading on cows
  • VIDEO: Harris on Religion
  • AHD: 500-503
  • DO: share own religion with partner, have discussion on function
  • VIDEO: Birth of Voodoo
  • HW: continue working on own religion
3 Kinds of religion
  • VIDEO:
  • VIDEO:
  • AHD: 503-506
  • DO: create material artifacts for religion
  • HW:
4 Changes in religion
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  why and how do religions change?
  • VIDEO: Spirits vs Ghosts
  • VIDEO: Does this have any aspects of real religion?
  • AHD: 506-512
  • DO: finish material artifacts
  • HW:
5 presentations
  • DO: share your religion with the class
6 Test Prep
7 Test