Formation of Civilizations



  Topic Activities
1 Review Human Subsistence
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: what are the characteristics of Foraging, Pastoralism, Horticulture and Agriculture?
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: how do you think foragers make sure there aren’t more people than the environment an support?
  • SLIDES: k14e12
  • AFD: 165-170
  • Read along handout 
  • DO: start to fill out chart in handout


2 Characteristics of Civilization
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  What do you think are the characteristics of civilizations?
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  Why are math and astronomy important for the development of civilizations?
  • AFD: 173-181
  • DO: rank importance of characteristics and justify your ranking
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  What do you remember learning previously about Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Inca?
  • HW: find an article on about an ancient civilization. Then summarize it and ask 3 questions about it.
3 Origin of States/ More Attributes
4 State formation Middle East
  • AHD: 260-268
  • VIDEO: First States and questions
  • DO: continue ancient civ project
5 Other Early States
  • AHD: 268-272
  • DO:  present ancient civ project
6 Mesoamerica
  • AHD: 272-276
  • DO: create game of monumental art and architecture (Olmec, Easter island, Assyrian winged bull, abu simbel , Teotihuacan, great ziggarut of ur, Tenochtitlan, Machu Picchu, Great Zimbabwe, Cahokia, Ajanta Caves, Angkor wat, Petra)
7 Monumental Art and Architecture
  • DO: finish and play games!
  • QUIZ: at end of class on art/arch
8 Collapse of States
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  What do you think leads to the collapse of civilizations?
  • AHD: 276-277
  • VIDEO: Maya rise and fall and Mayan Collapse and compare plus fact check
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG:  Could climate change lead to the collapse of our civilization? How?
  • IT’S OK TO BE WRONG: Predict what else could lead to the collapse of our civilization?
9 Collapse Continued
  • VIDEO: Jared Diamond 5 points of collapse
  • DO: Pick a civilization and evaluate it on Diamond’s 5 points (Cahokia/Mississippian, Great Zimbabwe, Anasazi/Chaco Canyon, Easter Island, Mycenaean, Olmec, and Angkor/Khamer) then present to class
10 Test Prep
11 Test
  • Show me what you understand!
  • DO: finish Diamond presentations