1. Identify the need or problem
  2. Research the need or problem
    • Examine current state of the issue and current solutions
    • Explore other options via the internet, library, interviews, etc.
  3. Develop possible solution(s)
    • Brainstorm possible solutions
    • Draw on mathematics and science
    • Articulate the possible solutions in two and three dimensions
    • Refine the possible solutions
  4. Select the best possible solution(s)
    • Determine which solution(s) best meet(s) the original requirements
  5. Construct a prototype
    • Model the selected solution(s) in two and three dimensions
  6. Test and evaluate the solution(s)
    • does it work?
    • does it meet the original design constraints?
  7. Communicate the solution(s)
    • Make an engineering presentation that includes a discussion of how the solution(s) best meet(s) the needs of the initial problem, opportunity, or need
    • Discuss societal impact and tradeoffs of the solution(s)
  8. Redesign
    • Overhaul the solution(s) based on information gathered during the tests and presentation