For each project that you work on, include the following in your CarbonMade portfolio:

1) Brief paragraph where you: Identify the need or problem



2)Brief Written Research of the need or problem
Examine current state of the issue and current solutions
Explore other options via the internet, library, interviews, etc.


3) Sketch possible solution(s)
4-8 thumbnails
2 rough
Brainstorm possible solutions
Draw on mathematics and science
Articulate the possible solutions in two and three dimensions
Refine the possible solutions




4) Select the best possible solution(s)
Determine which solution(s) best meet(s) the original requirements


5)Construct a prototype
Model the selected solution(s) in two and three dimensions




6) Brief write up of the results of the Testing and evaluation of the solution(s) (via critique or other testing)
does it work?
does it meet the original design constraints?



7) Final drawings/prototype to Communicate the solution(s)
Make an engineering presentation that includes a discussion of how the solution(s) best meet(s) the needs of the initial problem, opportunity, or need
Discuss societal impact and tradeoffs of the solution(s)



8) Brief written reflection on a Redesign
Overhaul the solution(s) based on information gathered during the tests and presentation