STEM/STEAM Design Lab Syllabus



Essential Questions (that we have to ask ourselves again and again):

  • How can design solve problems and improve digital or real life products?
  • How can I incorporate Art into the Design Process?
  • What makes a design good or bad?
  • What are the important considerations in architectural/industrial/web design?
  • Technically, how do I create a and isometric drawing, an orthographic projection, and a CAD design?

Content (what are we going to learn?)

  • Technical Drawing
  • SketchUp Pro
  • History of design and architecture
  • Personal expression
  • Visual problem solving
  • Working as a group in an Agile environment
  • How to participate in a critique

Outcomes (what will we be able to do?)

  • Consciously make choices that communicate ideas and solve problems in our models
  • Demonstrate proficiency in mechanical drawing and CAD software and HTML/CSS
  • Solve visual problems creatively
  • Reflect on design work of ones own and of others
  • Engage in the Agile process
  • Participate constructively in critiques

Assessments (what things will be graded?)

  • Drawings
  • Written Assignments
  • Digital Skills Assignments
  • Presentation Projects
  • Final Project
  • In-class projects – Quality and Weekly progress
  • Critiques / Scrum stand ups
  • Participation

Grading Criteria (what is our grade based on?)

  • Level of Self-Challenge
  • Content and communication of work
  • Rubric of each assignment
  • Effort and Attitude

Grading Breakdown:

50% – Weekly project progress

25% – Quality of completed projects

15% – Participation/critique / Scrum Stand Ups

10% – Citizenship (conduct)